How to recover the car radio Renault Clio, Twingo, Kangoo ...

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Here's how to find the car radio code of a Renault

The possible causes for having lost see car radio code are numerous. When replacing a fuse, you have disconnected your battery, the battery of your clio or scenic is dead, you have changed car radio ...

Wondering how to find the 4-digit code to enter the car radio to finally find the music. There are 3 possibilities:

  • Go to your garage or Renault dealership, the price will be 20 $ to 50 $
  • Have noted the code in the user manual of your vehicle
  • Use the free software below which with your precode will generate and retorve your lost car code

Which software to use for the code of a car radio Renault

For the diamond brand (Ranault) you do not even need the serial number of your post or car radio GPS.

Examples of serial numbers: RN481FX9180758, RN593FT4000589 and RN882FX5418745

Video to get the code auto

The steps to follow

To find the precode

Method 1 (without dismantling radio):
- Hold buttons 1 and 5 and switch on the radio, this will display the precode.

Method 2 (with disassembly):
- Remove the car radio from the dashboard.
Comment retirer son poste radio ?
- The Precode can be found on a label on the back of the car radio.

Trouver le precode de son autoradio

How to find the code of my car radio?

  • Find your precode via one of the previous methods
  • WARNING !! If your precode starts with a letter then the number 0 the generator does not work. You must post your precode by comment and I will answer you as soon as possible
  • Enter the Precode in the field below
  • Click on the "unlock" button to have your code
  • Enter the code in the car radio when you start
  • Confirm by pressing 1 and 6 on your radio
Comment trouver le precode d'un autoradio renault ?

The range of cars of the Renault brand compatible

Enter your Precode (1 letter then 3 digits ex: A373):

Si le générateur du code autoradio Renault ne fonctionne pas n'hésitez pas à poster un commentaire nous trouverons la solution rapidement

Merci de bien tester votre pre-code avant de poster un commentaire. Tous les precode pour debloquer votre radio composés d'une lettre et de 3 chiffres ne commencant pas par 0 doivent fonctionner avec le calculateur !!! Si je ne valide pas et ou ne répond pas à votre commentaire c'est que vous pouvez vous débrouiller seul avec le générateur. Merci de votre compréhension.

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Example of the car radio code database Renault


Renault Clio

  • Clio 1
  • Clio 2
  • Clio 3
  • clio 2 phase 2
  • Clio 1994
  • Clio 2001
  • Clio 2002
  • Clio Campus

Renault Twingo

  • Twingo 1
  • Twingo 2
  • Twingo 3
  • Twingo 1999
  • Twingo 2001
  • Twingo 2002

Renault Scenic

  • Scenic 1
  • Scenic 2
  • Scenic 3
  • Scenic 2000
  • Scenic 2004
  • Scenic 2006
  • Scenic 2007
  • Scenic phase 2
  • Scenic dci

Renault Kangoo

  • Kangoo 1
  • Kangoo 2
  • Kangoo 3
  • Kangoo 2001
  • Kangoo 2005
  • Kangoo 2009
  • Kangoo 2010
  • Kangoo 2011

Renault Megane

  • Megane 1
  • Megane 2
  • Megane 3
  • Megane 2004
  • Megane 2005
  • Megane RS
  • Megane 2 cabasse
  • Megane Scenic

Other less common models like Space, Safrane, Laguna, Spider, Master, Avantime, Traffic, VelSatis, Modus, Koleos, Fluence, Latitude, Wind, Talisman, Twizy, Zoe, Captur, Kadjar, Kaptur or Kwid can be compatible.

Is it possible to change the code of his car radio? No this one is original.

What is a car radio?

A car radio is equipment used to listen to music in a vehicle, occupying a significant place in car accessories. He is the ideal friend to accompany in all the journeys. If before, it was only a simple option for vehicle decoration, this component has been very useful for users so when you lost your Peugeot car radio code or Citroen car radio code or even its Ford car radio code is quickly panic. The choice of a car depends on several factors depending on the expectations and features of the vehicle. In order for this accessory to be truly functional and operate according to the expectations of its owner, the make and model of the vehicle must match.

The car radio, the essential equipment for a personalized car

There are several types of car radio, the most classic is the car radio GPS also known as Bluetooth car radio. In general, it provides a radio, a CD and DVD player and a Bluetooth system. There are also new generation car radios that have a touch screen, with the same functions of the car stereo Bluetooth, but more comfortable that gives the advantage of using a GPS. In addition, the car stereo dual DIN or 2 DIN is a model for motorists who want to afford the top, it can accommodate a screen up to 7 inches, plus it is composed of several functions as the kit free hand and back camera. The 3G function for a wifi is accessible for this type of car radio, so it is possible to surf the internet in the car. To simplify navigation, the driver assistance assistance provides a guidance voice and a menu in French.

A multifunction device

Thanks to the GPS system (Advanced Location System), whether for a clio, twingo or scenic, it is easier and more convenient to travel by car. The advantage is that this system gives the possibility to locate destinations and the fastest route to reach them by avoiding traffic. On top of that, it will be of great help when staying in an unfamiliar area, as GPS can locate hotels, restaurants, and places of interest for the owner.

High performance multimedia accessory

Equipped with an Android operating system, renault car radios are easier to handle and offer the possibility of acquiring several very interesting applications. They offer very good quality images, without any grain or interference so that the owner can enjoy his videos on DVD anywhere. The sound quality, which is the most important, is especially good for listening to your favorite songs, favorite shows or other programs. For the safety of cars often parked in public places, it is recommended to have a car radio with a removable front. This will serve to limit the risk of break-in. Accompanied by a carrying case, it guarantees the equipment durability and shock protection.

Practical and useful technical object

These car radios facilitate communication. The handling of these gadgets is very convenient, without the eyes of the driver are all the time on the remote control. Thanks to a simplified grip, they guarantee safety and comfort for motorists. In case of failure of the renault clio, twingo or scenic car battery, the car radio may request a renault car radio code or a PIN code for it to work again. To find your car radio code, you have to download car radio code software and follow some instructions. It should be noted that if the car battery is disconnected or discharged, a renault car radio code will be requested . Only suitable car radio code software can find the car radio code and operate the vehicle's device to fully enjoy its qualities. In some cases, the car radio code can be found in a small user manual of the vehicle, it is located just after the CAR designation and is composed of 4 digits.

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