Renault radio code

9,90  TTC

Security Code (1 letter and 3 digits) *

How to find the Renault serial number, pre-code or security number

Method 1 (without disassembly)

Turn on the radio and hold the 1 and 6 keys on the car radio this will display the precode on the digital display if this does not work try with the 1 and 5 keys.

Method 2 (with disassembly)

  • Remove the car radio from the dashboard with the extraction keys found here
  • The Precode can be found on a label on the back of the car radio.

A genuine Renault car radio is very easy to remove from the dashboard. All you need are the unlocking keys. Once removed, on the back of the radio is a label, the serial number starts with “T0” then 1 letter and 3 numbers.

All pre-codes are composed of one letter and 3 digits (ex: V873)!

Method 3 (with VIN)

If you cannot find your precode go here!

How does the decoding work?

We provide the original factory car radio codes from the pre-code for all car models of the Renault brand.
1st service in France to provide you immediately your code to unlock your Renault radio following a battery change.
Renault radio codes are sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We unlock all Renault cars, you will receive the code instantly after purchase by email or sms. We guarantee the decoding of your radio, that’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if the code does not work!

Renault pre-code photos

Video to find Renault radio code

Here’s how to find the car radio code of a Renault

The possible causes for having lost see car radio code are numerous. When replacing a fuse, you have disconnected your battery, the battery of your clio or scenic is dead, you have changed car radio …

Wondering how to find the 4-digit code to enter the car radio to finally find the music. There are 3 possibilities:

  • Go to your garage or Renault dealership, the price will be 20 $ to 50 $
  • Have noted the code in the user manual of your vehicle
  • Use the free software below which with your precode will generate and retorve your lost car code

Which software to use for the code of a car radio Renault

For the diamond brand (Ranault) you do not even need the serial number of your post or car radio GPS.

Examples of serial numbers: RN481FX9180758, RN593FT4000589 and RN882FX5418745

The steps to follow

To find the precode

Method 1 (without dismantling radio):
– Hold buttons 1 and 5 and switch on the radio, this will display the precode.

Method 2 (with disassembly):
– Remove the car radio from the dashboard.
Comment retirer son poste radio ?
– The Precode can be found on a label on the back of the car radio.

Trouver le precode de son autoradio

How to find the code of my car radio?

  • Find your precode via one of the previous methods
  • Enter the Precode in the field below
  • Click on the “unlock” button to have your code
  • Enter the code in the car radio when you start
  • Confirm by pressing 1 and 6 on your radio

Other less common models like Space, Safrane, Laguna, Spider, Master, Avantime, Traffic, VelSatis, Modus, Koleos, Fluence, Latitude, Wind, Talisman, Twizy, Zoe, Captur, Kadjar, Kaptur or Kwid can be compatible.

Is it possible to change the code of his car radio? No this one is original.

What is a car radio?

A car radio is equipment used to listen to music in a vehicle, occupying a significant place in car accessories. He is the ideal friend to accompany in all the journeys. If before, it was only a simple option for vehicle decoration, this component has been very useful for users so when you lost your Peugeot car radio code or Citroen car radio code or even its Ford car radio code is quickly panic. The choice of a car depends on several factors depending on the expectations and features of the vehicle. In order for this accessory to be truly functional and operate according to the expectations of its owner, the make and model of the vehicle must match.

The car radio, the essential equipment for a personalized car

There are several types of car radio, the most classic is the car radio GPS also known as Bluetooth car radio. In general, it provides a radio, a CD and DVD player and a Bluetooth system. There are also new generation car radios that have a touch screen, with the same functions of the car stereo Bluetooth, but more comfortable that gives the advantage of using a GPS. In addition, the car stereo dual DIN or 2 DIN is a model for motorists who want to afford the top, it can accommodate a screen up to 7 inches, plus it is composed of several functions as the kit free hand and back camera. The 3G function for a wifi is accessible for this type of car radio, so it is possible to surf the internet in the car. To simplify navigation, the driver assistance assistance provides a guidance voice and a menu in French.

A multifunction device

Thanks to the GPS system (Advanced Location System), whether for a clio, twingo or scenic, it is easier and more convenient to travel by car. The advantage is that this system gives the possibility to locate destinations and the fastest route to reach them by avoiding traffic. On top of that, it will be of great help when staying in an unfamiliar area, as GPS can locate hotels, restaurants, and places of interest for the owner.

High performance multimedia accessory

Equipped with an Android operating system, renault car radios are easier to handle and offer the possibility of acquiring several very interesting applications. They offer very good quality images, without any grain or interference so that the owner can enjoy his videos on DVD anywhere. The sound quality, which is the most important, is especially good for listening to your favorite songs, favorite shows or other programs. For the safety of cars often parked in public places, it is recommended to have a car radio with a removable front. This will serve to limit the risk of break-in. Accompanied by a carrying case, it guarantees the equipment durability and shock protection.

Practical and useful technical object

These car radios facilitate communication. The handling of these gadgets is very convenient, without the eyes of the driver are all the time on the remote control. Thanks to a simplified grip, they guarantee safety and comfort for motorists. In case of failure of the renault clio, twingo or scenic car battery, the car radio may request a renault car radio code or a PIN code for it to work again. To find your car radio code, you have to download car radio code software and follow some instructions. It should be noted that if the car battery is disconnected or discharged, a renault car radio code will be requested . Only suitable car radio code software can find the car radio code and operate the vehicle’s device to fully enjoy its qualities. In some cases, the car radio code can be found in a small user manual of the vehicle, it is located just after the CAR designation and is composed of 4 digits.

2007 renault pre code isw056 can You help with unlock code please

Please can you help me find my code for renault Kangoo 2014

code van deze radio bosch 45-311-6263

Hello please help me with my code radio AGC0071RF
12 08 06

Hi, can u please help me find the code,

je recherche le code de mon trafic pro BE 7945 DT055007476 par avance merci Cdt


Thankyou so much that code worked you are amazing

Good morning
The precode is H911, please let me know the code.
Thank you in advance

Heeft u voor mijn radio inlog code? SEZ1Z3D0272735

Je radio na voljo clio 3 cena

My precode is Y995, can you please give me the code for my radio?
Thank you so much and have a nice day!

Hi my precode is 0154
Thank you

Precode R087

mijn pre code komt niet wat doe ik verkeerd?

Hello my code is E718 please help x

Bonjour j ai ce message d erreur que puis-je faire merci j ai code série du poste car nous l avons sorti

Hey my code is p865


my code is S926

hope you can help


I think my pre-code is W985

T047 code.
please Help

Pre code is:
Hope you can help

Mijn pre code is T 019

My pre code is R142

Hi my pre code is q166 on my radio hope you can help me

Hi can you help me with my code what i have is I260 thank you

My precode is U867.
Can you help me with my radiocode.

Förkod är x462

Mi codigo en la radio es N303
Podrias decirme mi codigo?

Hiya my code on the radio is :
Could you tell me what my code is to type in?

Cheers, Al

I need my Radio Code. Please

My code is S018 and the precise doesn’t work?
Could you help please?
Many thanks

Hi, My precode is B065 and the generator does not work. Can you help me? What is my code? Thank you / Magnus

I have a Renault Megane 53 plate. The radio stopped when I had new batterry. I have the four figure number but cannot put it in as the screen just shows ‘code’. I cannot get it to 0000.
Any ideas how I can fix it?

Can i have the code of my car radio R020

Hi, can I have the code for my Renault Megane 2. Security code is Q752. Thank you

Radio precode u581

Hi. Struggling to find a code for Renault Scenic 2 radio – pre-code W076.
Any help gratefully accepted.
Many thanks.

Hi, can I have the code for my Renault Megane 2. Security code is Q046. Thank you

My precode is H015.

Many thanks

Can you please help me with finding my radio code?
My precode is T0R039 or TO039 im not sure

Code de radio dallchi m3001

The precede that I found using your method on My old Megane is…..D028

I recently changed the battery so need the code

Cheers Russ


My code is J036. Can you help me?


My precode is Q039. Can you help me with a code for my carradio?



I have a Scenic II 1.9 dci, 2003. Engine type F9Q. Lately I encountered problems with my instruments cluster, (right hand of the display , where shows temp. hour and radio info, not lighting up at all).
They said it was the instrument cluster panel problem. and I changed it. After trying 3 others I finally found one that shows everything, but the radio information. And I am not able to insert the code on my radio.
After pressing 2 and 5 buttons simultaneously and turning the radio on, it works for 2 minutes giving e beep every 6 seconds then when comes the part for inserting the code, I try to insert the code (by pressing buttons as asked) after pressing 6 I hear one beep but nothing happens the radio still returns to 2 minutes work with the beep. Also the commands on the steering wheel seems not to do anything, they do not give commands at all.
My car autoradio pre-code is K198 (TOK198), and my radio code is 5739.
Can someone tell me where to check for the problem or send me a diagram of the pin assignment of the radio please

Renault Vel Satis
Renault 8200 138 590
Model No:22SY203/62Z
Indus VDO:0495027100276780
Prod No:FD0202070002606

VDO Car Comms;
Renault 8200 138 591
Model No:22SY596/62Z
Indus VDO:0123456789
Prod No:FD0302050003239

Hi I have a Renault modus I have the radio code and also the pre code unfortunately I had tried to enter the wrong code before and now it’s displaying just CODE across the screen and it won’t reset to 0000 so I can now enter the actual radio code how do I get it to reset many thanks

Hello friend, mi code is D082 can you help me? Thanks

Code for Renault Clio MK3
8200 483 757

hi it comes up v078 on my radio screen. how do i get this to work?

Hi my code is R084, can you help me?

My pre code is D012

Hi I’m after getting a code for my Renault clio the code I have of the radio sticker on the back, it is O696, this does not seem to work , could you give me any advice ta

Hi Please assits with the code

Turning the radio on while pressing 1 and 5 doesn’t show any precode. Am I doing anything wrong?

Big thanks,this saved me lot of time and possibly money acquiring the code for a thalia cd player found lying for ages!it worked first time

Excellent worked first time

alpha cc eu

Hey the code is T0A826.

Thank you

Where is the pre code on the label??

Thank you! I planned long night to get radio work but it was 5 min joy!

Hello or code is q938
Thank you

HOLA estuve probando con varios programas, es una kangoo 1.9 Diesel 2007
pre code: L064
cualquier ayuda sera agradecida

Hi. Can anyone tell me the code for this? Thanx!

Nissan Bosch part n0 .761283076 Nissan part n0 .25915bh30e maintenant

My precode is H082.
Thank you

My precode is S026. What is radio code?

My radio shows W633 are you able to give me the code for this?
Many thanks

Hi can u help with code/ Q081

High just looking for radio code cheers

Precode 0971
Many thanks

code radio alpine espace 4

Hello vide is r822 hope you can help


El autoradio se bloqueo alguien me podria ayudar consiguiendome el código
Los últimos nros de barras son C053
Busque en un buscador y me da el nro 1911, ingreso a la radio y aun asi no funciona
Desde ya muchas gracias! La camioneta es Modelo Duster 2013

Bonjour je vous demande pour ma aide je la Renault Clio 1998 je ne sais pas code pour radio vous pouvez me aide svp merci

hello. code is S037
1999 model clio rxt
thanks for help

Renault Kangoo 2005 MODEL NO:22DC279/62 CODE: N018 Thanks for your help.

My code for Renault Laguna is D092 please can you give me code for unlock?

Hi can u help with code. My precode is G517

This is the serial for my Radio
Would you please help me
Much appreciated

My precise is v553 plz help me

Scenic 2003 dci
Precode A511
Greatful if you may give some help…!

code Y045 on end on serial no: can you help with radio code
Many thanks Paul

My code is T977, can you help me

Worked first time on 08 Clio, thank you

Hi could you help me out with my Renault radio code pleaseTOT584

I have a Renault megan sonic 2005 reg just had a new battery installed and need the code for the radio can you please help thankyou.

Hello. I have a renault scenic 2007 model… Can u please help me with the radio code

My pre-code is T023 can you tell me what the unlock code should be. Many thanks for your help.

Hi dear,
I have a renault modus 1.2 2009.
I’ve founded my precode which is A351
then I tried to unlock it and my code is 0187
Can you please help me to get it?
Many thanks


U417 can you help thank you

lose code
i need the code

Hi M022 is my pre code
Renault megane 1
Hope you can help ^^

Potřebuji odlišovat rádio, diky


My pre-code is X028. Can you please help?

Thanks a lot!



My precode is C057.

Would it be possible to get the code please?

Many thanks, any help would be much appreciated.

bonjour je voudrai le code s max 2015 -serie C7E3F0937E2857094 merci

Hi precise is T059.

Hope you can help.

Many Thanks

K023 is my pre code
Renault megane 2

Hi ,, My precode on the official sticker on the radio is Z094 , although I also see a small sticker of R194.

It is a 2010 renault Kangoo


Hi, pre code is V023, can you help please?
Many thanks

Hi, precode is I067
Can you supply my Code please, Thanks


My precode is X053, is it possible to get out the code? Thanks in advance!


in general i do not post/subscribe to « unknown » site like that. however this renault-code-website really helped me out.
radio is up and running and all it took was several clicks.
thanks a lot and « thumbs up »!

Precode is u048
Any help is much appreciated!

Hi please assist, my car keeps.on giving me ERRoR message after putting the CODE. My code is 0893. I’m driving megane 2. Is there a universal code I can maybe use?

Precode is U090,
Can You help with it?

Renault. Security is L065

It’s for an 2007 Megane

R031 Pre-code. Can you help?

Hiya trying to put the radio back into my Clio. My precode is J523 was wondering if you could help me find out my 4 number code? Cheers

Code ( h ) in Renault symbol collection 2012

Buenos días, ya intenté varias veces ingresar el código pero aún no logro desbloquear la radio. Renault Kangoo 2015. Estereo marva Delphin.
Precódigo: h774
Código 2875



Graag hoor ik van u.


Hi my car came back from getting a new clutch put in with the radio needing it’s code putting in, for some reason I’m guessing they disconnected the battery, if you have a code for me that would be fab and much appreciated, last 4 digits are J024, many thanks Rob

Radio kod R000 mvh Johan

Precode C088, Renault Clio, thank you!

I have a renault Kangoo 2009 with radio pre code R289, do you have the code please?

Hi My pre code is J062

Renault Master LWB

Thanks for any help you can provide.

I need A code for seat altea 2009

Hi my code is j612 it is a Megane thanks in advance

Hi, my pre code is G713 for 2007 Clio.Thank you in advance !

Hi my code for my 2006 Mégane is R061

Please help!

Hi got a 00 senic and I need the radiocode. Can you please help. 22DC279/62P

Hi my precode is T059 for Renault Scenic

Hi, my pre-code is C308 for Renault Clio 2006

Hi i have a Renault Clio III and generator doesnt work for me because i have a Q061 pre-code, could anyone help me?

Hi my code on the side of the radio is B082

Hi, I have 2003 laguna, the battery went dead and now I need a radio code.
Model no: RENRDW100-10
Prod no: FD0003210062102

Hi got a 00 senic and i need the radiocode please help me but dont understand what the precode is 22DC279/62P
7700 434 425

My radio says 8200607915T O293 security

Buenas tardes:
Tengo un Renault clio Yahoo, cuya radio funciona cuando se enciende y a los 10 segundos presenta el mensaje « locked ». La hemos cambiado por otra supuestamente en buen estado y hace los mismo, ninguna de las dos dejan meter el codigo. Pulsando los botones 2 y 5 y a la vez el de encendido no hace nada, si la dejamos encendida para ver si nos pide el codigo después de estar encendida una hora, tampoco sirve de nada pues a los 30 minutos se apaga
Que puedo hacer para que me presente los cuatro ceros que me permitan meter el codigo?

hi there, my serial no is RNRDBQ80025856 And my part no is 8200633644T0843. THE OTHER NUMBERS ON THE RADIO/CD ARE RENRDW333-10 AND FD0508050025856. PLEASE HELP. THANKS IN ADVANCE


Brilliant job , thank you !!!

Please help,need radio unlock code 22DC279/627
Thank you very much

Can you please help me to get radio code.
My precode is H066
Thank you in advance!

Hi, can you help? My pre code is R093. Many thanks.

My code is F054 can you please help?

I can not order online as the form will not accept a Danish mobile phone

Hi my pre code is p003 can someone help please changed battery on car and it’s not written down anywhere thanks


Can you help please
Code says x073

Kind regards

My code is R046


Thanks this solved my problem.

Help F559 and code? Thanks

My code is T064 can anybody help

Thanks for the help !!
Everything works great !

My code is Q617 can you please help

Can you please help me to get radio code.
My precode is V055.

Thank you in advance!


Hi how can i bring radio code for my Renault captur reg no GM67CVX & VIN NO ; VF12R011558783502 because i don’t have serial no can you help me please i buy it from uk . thanks Albert

Can you help me? My car is renault twingo. I need the security code for my radio. The code is D021. Thx. Kathy

I got a Renault car days ago and found the radio needs a code I took out the stereo and I got that key number 5860 and I dont have bottoms below on that stereo I have keys from 1 to 6, i dont have 8 or 0. Please could you help me to find out how to unlock my code

Thank you

Hello my precode is E057

When I press 1 and 5 and switch on the radio I get TLIN TYPE followed by EUROPE – then it goes to 0000 waiting for my code.
I just had a reconditioned engine in my 2010 Twingo and lost the radio settings – can you help please?

Hi, my code is U782.
Renault clio 07

meu precode é v 120
alguem pode me ajudar

My precode is T0Q662
Please help
Thank you

Hi could someone help me with my radio code please?

My precode is D012

Please help me

U979 is my precode

K025 is Precode and S/N is RNRDCO80043908

My precode is R084, could you help me please?

My precode is Q047 and as u said the generator doesnt work so if u can help iz would be nice…


Precode J090, anyone have the code?

Thanks working again your service is a god send didn’t fancy a run home with no radio

I wonder why the generator doesnt work when second letter is Zero.
My number is H063 and I could use good code. Cheers!

Hi. I’m looking for a code for T026. Can’t find it anywhere, can you help please

Tnx, tn, tnx for 2 min good code.

Thank you very much, unlocked the radio this morning!

Hi there,

Thank you very much for the easy to read and follow guide.

Can you please help me to get the code for my car please. The Precode I have is R051.


Easy to set up and to find out sec code !
Im so happy !

Hi, My Kangoo’s 2002 has a pre code J402. I would be very grateful if you could tell me the code to re set the radio. Took battery off so radio defaulted back to needing code.
Regards Barry

Hi I put in the 4 digit code as supplied pressed 1&6 and all that happened was it gave me the original security code. This is for Renault scenic 2007. Please all I did was accidentally took the Fuse out.

Renault Clio 2004
Please help thanks


Greetings from Ireland.
Thank you very much, it worked.

I have dvd double din written on it B2016Y09H03776
The A9 and the information on the screen are MPEG: BYH-U01-TH-RES00-IR3-V160908
MCU: JIN-C052-V160818
BT: V160618.1.1
What is the code?

Please help!
My precode :T039

Generator dont work? Post your 4 digit code and I will give you code. This site helped me so I will help it back, this works for many other renault cars with this stereo.

can you get code for Renault clio W281

Could you help with W090, generator doesn’t work. Cheers

Hi, my precode is Q296. I cannot find a way to enter a letter to begin this. Can you help?

Hello.I need a renault scenic code.Precode is F606 .Thanks alot,for the answer.

Hello. Can you help me give a radio code of my renault scenic II?
AL R01C 11032
8 200 300 862 T F032
SYL 336 8200304665

Wrong codes: 4665, 0947, 5358

Renault Master II, 2008. Precode T293, yields to 6759.
Perfect! Thanks

Woked like a charm on my 2007 Scenic 2.0 Deluxe. Thanks!

Guys, please help me. I have pulled the radio out in my Laguna 2005 with Cabasse auditorium. I have written down all numbers. The one I think I should use is 8 200 290 679 T B545. I have deduced the B545 to be a pre-code, giving me the final code 0402. Unfortunately this gives back an error. I have figured out that I can still torn the radio on by holding 2 and 5 buttons and power, but then the bleeping comes and the radio asks for the code again in sort of 3 minutes. What can I do?


My Precode is Y089

Works on a 2005 Megane Scenic.Many thanks.

Worked well with my Renaulte Megane 2009. Thanks!

Precode Z214 for a Renalt Megane 2009.

Can there be a radio code?

mine is z014, what do I do@
Many thanks

Brilliant, thanks. Worked perfectly for my grand modus, cheers

Worked very well on Clio 2003 Mk2

i have one twingo renult car .i want radio code

A very good morning from a beautiful day in Cape Town South Africa.
My vehicle manual was stolen, wherein i always could revert too for my radio code
If possible,could you establish what my code is:
model no: 22DC259/62P
PROD NO:FD0501410313330

Kindly assist get precode for my Espace renault car radio serial number ALR92S40653321

Worked great for my renault clio mk3 THANKS saved me £15

Hello! I need i new/my radio code for Megane 2005 Radio, R052 Thanks

Thank you, merci, fantastic…worked on my sons twingo 57 plate.
As prev comment its 1 and 6 not 5 then once code entered hold 6 down.
Really appreciate the post, saved us 30 pounds from the main dealer.

Thank you so much! It works 🙂

Thank you!!!!
Worked on my Scenic 56 plate

**In your « To find the Precode » in method 1 you say to hold buttons 1 and 5 – You need to hold buttons 1 and 6 as shown in video!!**

Hi, my precode is H098


Renault Clio


Hello – Bon jour!

The code shown after 1+6 is H707. Can you give me the right code top enter?

Danke – mercy!

8200964837T -M253-security
Its not working the code,i take the radio out because i put by mistake 2 cd in it and after i removed out and plug it in is asking for my code and the code 1552 is not working
Renault Laguna 2 from year 2007

Hello I disconnected my battery and now need the radio code thank you precede W412

Brilliant!! Thank you!!! Worked on my 2014 Clio Mk4.

Brilliant!! Thank you. Worked on my old 2002 Scenic Mk1 after the battery died.

Merci beaucoup! ça marché!

Hi, the code on the label on my Clio is TOR089, I think.
Can an unlock code be generated from that please?


Please can you help a Need a code for my Clio g685

Hi, if you could please help. The numbers on the side of my radio are:RNRD6950275106 RENRDW240-00 FD05053802751056 8200483757 T040 – Security

Pre Code: T040

Hi, if you could please help. The numbers on the side of my radio are:RNRD6950275106 RENRDW240-00 FD05053802751056 8200483757 TT040 – Security

My Pre code is T040. Please Help.

Hi, serial no:R317
Your un Lock’ code didn’t work,
Please help me, Thank you

Hi could you help me find the radio code on my renault kangoo. The security code on the radio is Q254.
Regards joe.

Helo dear friend.Thank you for generator but still my Modus precode doesnt work.Can you please help me.Btw im from Croatia

Hi I wonder if you can help me, my precode for my Renault Modus is U721.

Hi I wonder if you can help me, my precode for my 06 clio is U014 regards Christine

Please help me to get code of radio

Hi All

My renault scenic scurity code is K001. i have no luck in finding unlocking code
please help & thanking you in advance


Thank you very much. It worked

Hi there, my pre code is R104

Please advise

Hi I have a 2003 Renault radio with precode Q026 unable to use any generator or complete list at numbers start at 100! many thanks Kevin

Kindly assist to reset my Renault Clio 4 dynamique code . My vin number is Vf15rsaoh49540242

Many thanks, worked a treat.
Only one issue, on a Clio 3 you have to press 6 and hold it to enter the code.

Good Day

I require radio code for Renault Kangoo – Precode: D897


I change battery – on Renault Clio 2003 – radio Need a code which I do not have.

My battery has been changed and now I need radio code. M457 is the precode. Thank you.

My security code fir my radio is R961. HOW DO I FIND MY CODE ?

L153 is my pre code ? whats the first number / whats my code

Sorry that should be R083

My code is showing s009 can you sort me out please

“ s704 “ this is my last 4 digits of my serial number, please check

My precode only had digits, No letters. How to procede?

Renault grand modus. Y718

What is my code please?


Hi my code is L018 from a French registered Clio estate.

X064. Please help

Megane 2 cd changer

Please and thanks! 😊

Got code e752 what’s my code please, got new car and the previous owner lost the code

Fantastic thank you

Y011 would be much appreciated if you could email me the code thanks

Can anyone help? It’s not clear on the back of my radio what my code is? It looks different to this?

Here are all the numbers shown on the back of my stereo



Thanks In advance

Battery went flat hence radio needs code hope you can help

Hi have you got a code for me please


Please and thank you my friend

114t is my last 4 digits

thanx man ace 10/10

Please and thanks! 😊


Many thanks

Thankyou worked a treat 👍👍

My daughter has precode U042. She just had battery replaced on her 2008 Clio and no record in handbook. Many thanks if you can help

Hi my code is K028


Hi there my serial code is Z414.
Can you confirm what my radio code.

Many thanks

The code worked perfectly. Thank you for building a site like this.

Hi. My code is V309. X I get a code please.


O761. Many thanks

My code is L567.. please help

Hi my Precode is S984 but the code above doesn’t work.

0317 please help thx

Say « Precode non valide » mine is L090

The radio says ‘error’. I put code in then depress button 6.

8200074339–A or 8200074339TJ430

O629 is the number required for the radio code, pls help. Thank you 🙂

pre code is R006

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Dominique B. 20/07/2022 following an order made on 11/07/2022


Le code était correct.

Anonymous A. 23/03/2021 following an order made on 13/03/2021



Anonymous A. 02/10/2020 following an order made on 25/09/2020


Very quick receiving the code

Anonymous A. 27/05/2020 following an order made on 03/05/2020


This code was perfect and arrived on time

Renault code samples

Renault car radio code commands

  • Precode: A490, code: 0385
  • Precode: B920, code: 1237
  • Precode: Y392, code: 1654
  • Precode: J312, pin code: 7353
  • Pre code: P809, pin code: 0196
  • Serial number: D899, pin code: 3195
  • Serial number: E733, pin code: 2406
  • Serial number: I111, pin code: 1644
  • Security number: W209, pin code: 1029
  • Security number: N301, pin code: 1908
  • Security code: U003, code: 1211
  • Precode: Z229, code: 0007

Remove Renault car radio

How to enter the code provided in my Renault car radio

When you receive our email or sms with your code, enter it then validate by letting press 6.

  1. Turn on the CD or cassette player.
  2. The display should read 0 0 0 0.
  3. Press 1 repeatedly, then 2, 3 and 4 until each digit of your code appears on the display.
  4. Hold down the 6 key to activate the device.