SEAT Radio Code

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How does it work at SEAT?

We provideoriginal SEAT car radio codes from the factory based on the serial numbers for various car models of the SEAT brand.
We find all SEAT pin codes through the serial number of the device. It always starts with SEZ and can be found on the label on the back of the car radio or on the LCD screen.

Find the serial number of the SEAT car radio

You have two options, either the serial number is displayed on the LCD screen or you need to remove the radio from the vehicle’s dashboard to check the labels and provide us with the information needed to find your SEAT car radio code.

How to enter the Seat radio code

Once your radio is turned on and appears in “SAFE” mode, If “SAFE” does not automatically appear, press the “SEEK” and “SCAN” or “MODE” and “SCAN” buttons simultaneously. Depending on your radio model.


After about 3 seconds, “1000” appears on the display.
1. Press button 1 until the first correct digit of the code is displayed.
2. Press button 2 until the second correct digit of the code is displayed.
3. Press button 3 until the third correct digit of the code is displayed.
4. Press button 4 until the fourth correct digit of the code is displayed.

Following this, press button 3 until the third correct digit of the code is displayed.

Then press the “>” or “SEEK” button for 2 seconds to enter your SEAT code. The car radio will be unlocked.


– If you have entered the SEAT code number correctly, “LSM” will appear on the display.
– If you entered the wrong code by mistake, “SAFE” will appear on the display. At first it will flash, then it will stay on.

Autoradio Seat mode Safe

SEAT Information

Buying a Seat is a rational choice. The Spanish carmaker’s range is indeed very well priced and the quality of the cars (all from Volkswagen) is no longer in question.

Seat offers a diverse selection of automobiles. The Ibiza is an excellent, reliable and affordable city car. It also stands out for its livability and trunk space. The best Seat is undoubtedly the Leon, economical, spacious, well-motorized and dynamic to drive. The car’s performance is very consistent. The Altea seems to be more of a backwater in the compact MPV category, even if its price makes it a good buy. But for those who want to go off the beaten track on weekends, the Freetrack version with four-wheel drive offers more advantages. The new Alhambra offers remarkable performance among large-volume families. A clone of the Volkswagen Sharan (but less expensive), it offers a record amount of space, sliding rear doors and seats that fit into the floor. A smart buy as well as a sensible one.

*Receiving the code can take up to 24 hours for the SEAT car brand.

Photos of SEAT serial numbers

Seat code samples

Latest Seat radio code orders

Example serial number that can be unlocked for a SEAT car radio: SEZ1Z3G6645084 => The code for this SEAT radio is 1379!
SEZ2Z9F1154395 => 0047
SEZ2Z9C2511531 => 0494
SEZ2Z1Y3041730 => 1022
SEZAZ1I7818959 => 0166
SEZAZ2L9126805 code = 0078
SEz2z6B1828359 code = 1441
SEZ1Z1D3222894 code = 1294
Compatible SEAT car radio serial number starting with SEZ1Z1, SEZ1Z2, SEZ1Z4, SEZ1Z5, SEZ1Z6, SEZ1Z7, SEZ2Z, SEZAZ, SE3841, SE3842… etc

Remove Seat car radio

How to remove a Seat car radio

Here are the tools needed to remove the car radio