Nissan Radio Code

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How to find the Nissan radio code?

Intro – All the steps to find your Nissan car radio code for free or with our online service.

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Your Nissan radio is blocked? It asks you a PIN code? You don’t know how to find this Nissan radio code?

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1 – How to find the serial number, device number and date of the Nissan car radio?

To find a pin code for NISSAN car radios, we need the serial number, the device number and the date.

There are two ways to find the serial numbers for a Nissan car radio code!

Method 1 without disassembly.

Do 3 wrong codes in a row and all the information will be displayed on the dashboard LCD screen like Renault authentication Key.

unit locked for serial part prod date nissan radio carYou will then see “Unit is locked for 60 mins” then the serial number then the unit number and the date. You will have to wait 60 minutes with the car’s ignition on before you can enter the code we have sent you.

Method 2 by removing the car radio

You must remove the car radio from the dashboard to access the label on the back of the car radio. On the label, you will find the serial number, the device number and the date.

2 – How to enter the Nissan car radio code?

When we notify you by email or sms that your code has been found, enter it directly on the touch screen and validate by pressing ok like VW or Audi radio.

  1. Turn the ignition on.
  2. The display should show the code:
  3. Press the digits of your code.
  4. Keep the ok button pressed to activate the radio.

We unlock Nissan LCN – Connect, QASHQAI Connect and all other Nissan radio codes

Message erreur autoradio nissan bloqué
Error message nissan car radio blocked

etiquette radio Nissan LCN Connect Nissan Radio Code Code Autoradio poste radio code Nissan LCN Connect Nissan Radio Code Code Autoradiodebloquer radio nissan daewoo Nissan Radio Code Code Autoradio

Please note that if you enter 20 wrong codes into your Nissan car radio you will get the following message:
Too many input errors. The system is blocked. Contact your Nissan dealer


trop derreurs de saisie. Le système est bloqué. Contactez votre concessionnaire Nissan Nissan Radio Code Code Autoradio

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Les étapes pour trouver les numéros de série et le code autoradio Nissan













Nissan code samples

Latest Nissan car radio code

Part Number: 28185BH30D
Serial Number: DW23N2076829BH30D
date: 03.29.2012
Code = 0813

Model Number: 7612830076
Serial Number: 0082107
Date: 13.02.14
Code = 2426

Serial Number: DW29NO8535
Part Number: 28185BH30D
Date: 12.09.10
Code = 7032

Model Number: 7612830052
Serial Number: 2452172
date: 11/04/04
Code = 7767

Model Number:pn-3001p-b
Serial Number:cl081990188658d
Part Number:28185bh10a
Code = 4015

12.12.13 9783045 7612830090 code = 5704
7612830022 25915BH10C 2313023 09.12.19 code = 3431
12.07.31 8297738 7612830092 code = 3242
5875753 7612830050 11.07.13 code = 6191
1120869 7612830022 09.09.29 code = 2841
PN-1628m CL0394Y0020069 28113BN314 code = 9707
7612830090 8183070 12.02.28 code = 7026

Remove Nissan car radio

Video: How to find your serial number and how to enter your Nissan radio code.

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