Authentication key Renault Kwid

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How to find authentication key for renault kwid ?


Intro – How get your authentication key for renault kwid ?

We provide you with your Renault Medianav radio key Kwid !

Is your Renault Kwid GPS Media Nav radio broken? It asks you for an Kwid authentication Key code ? And you don’t know how to find this Renault Key ?

Is it because of a battery failure, a bad handling of your fuses or a GPS failure on your Kwid ?

We can even provide you with the original Kwid key authentication in less than an hour

We recover your Kwid authentication key code with a 100% certified method, we have been collaborating with specialised Renault automotive engineers for several years.

You will receive your Renault Kwid authentication key following your order in your customer area, by email and/or by phone (optional).

1 – How to find the serial number of Kwid to unlock its car radio ?

First method with your vehicle registration document

Open your car registration document and find Kwid vehicule identification number (vin)

Second method with chassis or door

If you dont have your registration certificate with you, the VIN is also written on the chassis of the Kwid or on a label in the door.

All VINs are 17 characters long (e.g. VF12RAU1C56477160) and Renault VINs always start with VF1!

2 – How do I enter the authentication key code in my Renault Kwid ?

Renault Kwid MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS : EASY LINK / R-LINK 2 / R-LINK Evolution / Media Nav Evolution / Radio Connect R&GO

When you receive our email or sms with your authentication key for renault kwid, enter it and confirm by pressing ok.

  1. Switch on the ignition.
  2. The display should show “Authentication code” or “PIN not valid, system is locked, please wait…” with a time to wait.
  3. Press the buttons on the display to enter the car radio key for your Kwid.
  4. Press ok to validate the code.
VIN number certificate of deregistration for unlocking renault Kwid car authentication key
VIN number certificate of deregistration for unlocking renault Kwid car authentication key

Authentication Key Incorrect PIN The system is locked Please wait

Authentication Key Renault Medianav
Authentication Key Kwid Medianav

Summary – How does decoding work for Kwid Key Authentication?

You have the following message on your Kwid car radio?

“Authentication Key Incorrect PIN The system is locked Please wait …”

We retrieve the original Renault Key authentication from the VIN or serial number of the vehicle for all Renault car models with the original car radio like VW or Audi.

The first service in World to quickly send you the authentication code to unlock your Renault Media NAV radio without removing the car radio.


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Kwid Key samples

Authentication Key Pin code Kwid

Car radio modelVIN numberRadio Code
RENAULT Kwid VINVF15RRLOH48490945Code = 5103
RENAULT KWID VINVF12RAJ1A54692718Code = 4112
RENAULT KWID VINVF15RSN0A55307499Code = 8414
RENAULT KWID VINVF12RFL1H52911495Code = 0798
RENAULT KWID VINVF1JL000159835067Code = 1914
RENAULT KWID VINVF1MA000261767560Code = 3599
RENAULT KWID VINVf12rel1e49830142Code = 4786
RENAULT KWID VINuu15sde3354623035Code = 0732
RENAULT VINVF6VG000363328840Code = 1613
RENAULT KWID VINVf12rfl1h53407330Code = 4612
RENAULT KWID VINUu1hSdj9g57022981Code = 0617
RENAULT KWID VINVF1fl000565742115Code = 0766
RENAULT KWID VINUU1HSDA2652892034Code = 4408
RENAULT VINVF1AGVYA050946169Code = 3166
RENAULT KWID VINVF12RA11A54562384Code = 5646
RENAULT VINvf1kwobb538992304Code = 3818

Video Kwid car radio Key

Video to find Kwid radio authentication Key

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